Patient Testimonials

Vikram G

Toothache especially when you don't have a regular dentist is a terrible thing. I ended up with a swollen and painful gum over a weekend. Dr Khan and the team not only got me into their offices quickly but also performed a complex procedure to remove a broken root from my gums. Not only was the procedure performed impeccably, Dr Khan followed through with me regularly after the procedure. I have quite a busy work schedule and Dr Khan and the team at Seattle Sound Dental always help accommodate my schedules.....At every visit Dr Khan and her team explain the procedure they are proposing and it fits into my specific situation. I would highly recommend the team at Seattle Sound Dental and Dr Khan !!!!

Eric F

I moved to Seattle in 2010 and had to find a new dentist that I really liked.  I went through two different dental offices until I found Dr Sarah Khan and her office right downtown.  She is an excellent dentist who offers advise without any unnecessary pressure.  I've been going to her office for about two years now and I've had one crown replaced as well as my standard 6 month checkups and the entire experience has been pleasant one.

If you are looking or are considering a new dentist in the downtown area I highly recommend Dr Sarah Khan and her staff.  If you go I'm sure that you will be happy that you did.

Kelly K

After moving into the city, I knew I needed to locate a new dentist nearby. I was introduced to Dr. Kahn by a long time friend an employee there as well. I must say that convenience got me there, but the quality of service will keep me going back. From the time you walk through the front door, the staff is warm and inviting, the dental hygienist is friendly and professional and Dr. Kahn is sincere and committed to making sure your smile is bright and white. Prior to my dental procedures I rarely smiled due to discolored and uneven teeth. Dr. Kahn and her staff gave me my smile back. I can't thank them enough for all that they have provided.

Hana G

Dr. Sarah is one the most professional dentists in Seattle. She's always on top of her game. I was extremely pleased by her services and will definitely recommend her to my family and friends. Thank you Dr. Sarah, you sure made me a customer for life!

Jim T

Dr Kahn has been my dentist since moving to Seattle two years ago.  I have had everything from regular cleanings to complex implants done by Dr. Khan and can't speak highly enough of her and her staff.  A true full-service dentist using the newest technology. Office is also clean and conveniently located in the Medical Dental Building downtown. 5 stars, highly recommended.

Evan N

Dr. Khan is an incredible dentist. I've been a patient of hers for the last handful of months, and she has done amazing things for my teeth. I'm one of those folks who are prone to dental issues, and she laid out a comprehensive and realistic plan for fixing the issues I was having. Just last week, she placed fillings on my front two teeth that had been cracked. Last night, one had chipped slightly again, and she saw me first thing this morning. I've never had a dentist as responsive as her. Also, her staff are wonderful and incredibly professional. Cannot recommend highly enough!

Marc B

I usually don't take the time to write reviews but Dr. Sarah Khan and her staff were amazing in helping me with my emergency case. I don't live in Seattle but needed urgent care for my molar and was lucky that Dr. Kahn saw me the same day I called. They were professional,  confident, and helped me stay calm during my whole procedure. I wish I could be a regular patient here.

Anum I

My experience was no doubt one of the best when it comes to dentists. I wasn't born with a perfect smile but working towards achieving one :) The office is really clean and her staff makes you feel very comfortable. I would suggest Dr. Khan to anyone dealing with dental issues or even general up keep. It's very hard to find a dentist who is not only knowledgeable but also knows how to explain the procedure to their patient. My search for dentist is finally over!

Claire B

Dr Kahn is a great dentist, a breath of fresh air.

Garrett F

Dr. Khan and staff are extremely friendly and helpful. I feel comfortable to ask questions or voice concerns and have always received helpful, reassuring answers. I know that I am being taken care of here. I would recommend this dental office to anyone!

George W

This is a group effort. When you walk into Seattle Sound Dental you feel support. As a visual artist I  deal with a large community in Seattle of art collectors, galleries, Museums as well as fellow artists who like me at times struggle to make ends meet. My past dental problems inhibited me from feeling as confident as I needed to be, not in my art; yet in my physical conversations with prospective wealthy clients, Museum Directors, school administrators, business leaders, friends and family. My dental problems kept me quite. Now, I have new teeth and a happy smile. Bring it on. I am now talking to the entire world, thanks to SSD, Dr. Sarah Khan and her staff.

Sean N

I'm so glad to have found a highly professional and talented dentist.  Dr. Khan and her staff are always courteous and sensitive to my needs.  The attention to detail and great work on my dentistry needs are rapidly alleviating me of my fear of the dentist's office.  Thank You!

Jennifer C

Dr. Khan and her staff are wonderful. This is the first dentist office I've visited since moving to Seattle and I was a little unsure about what to expect. Upon arrival, all the staff were very welcoming, had my paperwork complete and on file and were on time with appointments. Dr. Khan listened thoroughly to my history and explained her exam and the findings. My cleaning was very thorough and detailed and didn't hurt a bit, which was new for me. I really felt welcome at this office and know Dr. Khan and her staff take their patient's and their health very seriously.I look forward to my next cleaning.

Billie C

I had been seeing the same dentist for years while I lived in Wallingford, loved her. Unfortunately, we had to move since we bought a house in West Seattle two summers ago and trekking to Wallingford for an appointment was pretty inconvenient. My old dentist referred me to Dr. Kahn's practice in the Medical-Dental building locate on 6th and Olive. I work downtown so it was an easy walk to my appointments. Upon first meeting, the office is not as updated as my previous dentist, but the city views and the amazing staff sure make up for it! Dr. Kahn is professional and listens to all my questions and concerns. All the way from Lynn, the sweet receptionist, to Andre, Shivon and Joe-the hygienist team; the staff has just been the best complete welcoming package! My 14 year-old daughter enjoys going there as well. It really helps that they have extended office hours (I prefer appts between 5-6pm) and every now and then maybe a Saturday. They try to be very accommodating to your schedule and keep you well informed about any upcoming appts or changes to appts. I like getting text message reminders that I can just hit "YES" to confirm an appt. Its on the 10th floor and they validate parking for Pacific Place. If you can't make your appt, they won't guilt trip you and understand that everyone has busy schedules. 

I just received my cleaning yesterday too-no cavities! Yeah! And when I got my first crown put on, Dr. Kahn and her staff not only walked me through what to expect from the procedure, but they answered all my questions and would follow-up with me to check if I was experiencing any pain or discomfort days later. 

Every time I'm in, it feels like I'm seeing all my friends. They are personal, yet still very professional. Love them!

Sean E

Both my wife and I are patients of Dr. Sarah Kahn.  We began our relationship with her via our previous dentist whose practice she assumed.    

When our old dentist transitioned to retirement, we were concerned at first, as choosing a new dentist is difficult.  But we decided that we would give her a chance, and see how her practice might work for us.  We were primarily interested in someone younger (not retiring anytime soon), who was well educated, used the most up-to-date technologies and had a holistic approach toward dental care.

We could not be more pleased with Dr. Kahn's work, her approach to dentistry and her interaction with us as patients.  As soon as she assumed control of the practice, she set about completely overhauling the facilities and bringing everything up to date.  She familiarized herself with our dental histories, and to date has provided excellent dental care (having now had her office do everything from cleanings to fillings to crowns), completely winning our confidence as a professional who is both very knowledgeable and sensitive to patients concerns about their oral health.

Dr. Kahn's staff is also very professional and helpful.  While some came from the old practice and provided a sense of continuity, her new staff picks demonstrate to us her thoughtfulness in hiring.  Her hygienists have (and this is not an overstatement, I assure you) the lightest touch I've ever seen/felt.  Their use of ultrasonic technology, digital x-rays/mapping - and excellent "chair-side" manner make going to the dentist a pleasant experience.

As others have mentioned, her location in the medical/dental building is an easy walk from anywhere in downtown.  If you're driving, her location around the corner from the huge garage at Pacific Place Mall (which they will validate) - makes it very, very easy as well.

If you're looking for a new dentist, I strongly recommend giving Dr. Kahn a try - you will not be disappointed!

Cynthia T

We used to live in Seattle and moved to the east side.  We did not even consider changing our dentist as Dr. Khan was simply the best.  She is precise, thorough, and is very good in taking care of her patients.  Even our kids love visiting the dentist because of Dr. Khan. Regular cleanings to fillings - all the work done were top notch.  Glad we have her as our dentist.

Victor Z

A wonderful experience from start to finish. How many times can you say that about a visit to the dentist!?!? From the helpfulness of the reception staff, to the kindness of the assistants, to the skill and expertise of Dr.Khan. I cannot recommend Seattle Sound Dental highly enough

Tish J

FIRST time I have "smiled and showed my teeth" in 50 years.  I was fearful of the experience of any dentistry until I went to Dr. Sara Kahn.  Dr. Kahn and her staff are up to date on the latest procedures, financing for treatments, insurance in a pleasant environment.  I was so scared to begin any type of treatment to repair old crowns and replace poorly done dental work from my youth.  In fact, I was so traumatized by a dentist in the 1980's, I could not go to a dentist without extreme anxiety.  Dr. Kahn calmly explained the procedure, how long it would take, what costs would be and relieved my anxiety to a point that by the final appointment of my "repair/replace/smile again" treatment, I easily and without anxiety went to the appointment.  I highly recommend Dr. Kahn and her staff for ALL types of dental needs.

Chee W.

Did a few deep cleaning sessions and the hygienists always set me up with the right expectations of pain level during the procedure. The staffs are friendly and professional, and every visit is enjoyable. It's also close to my workplace so that's a big plus.

Chris H

On a business trip and needed immediate dental help with a tight time frame. Dr Khan and staff were professional, helpful, kind, and accommodating.  They arranged to see me, assess and refer to a specialist for a root canal all with in 24 hrs. Refreshing to see people who are so focused on helping. Thank you!